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3 Spring Cleaning Pinterest Hacks: Tested and Approved (Part 2)

Silver flutes before and after

Now that my glass-top stove, grout, and washing machine are clean, it is time to move on to other spring cleaning projects. This week, l tested out Pinterest cleaning hacks for the oven, stainless steel appliances, and silver. Oven An accidental spilling-over of a homemade pizza was the last straw for our oven. Aside from… (read more)

3 Spring Cleaning Pinterest Hacks: Tested and Approved (Part 1)

Clean grout

Now that my house is officially decluttered and organized thanks to the KonMari method, it is time to roll up my sleeves and do some spring cleaning. If you have been on Pinterest lately, spring cleaning hacks are everywhere. I decided to pick a few areas that were in need of a deep cleaning at… (read more)

Spring Organization: Storage Containers that Work (Part 1)

Storage Solutions Though I have faithfully followed the Kon Mari decluttering method, the one thing I have “cheated on” is the use of storage containers. I have already shared a couple of my favorite storage solutions, including my beauty supply bins, and my lazy susan spice rack. Although I have used and loved most of my… (read more)

Spring Cleaning: How to Organize Papers and Books

side by side comparison of office clean out

Papers, Papers, Papers One of the biggest headaches/sources of clutter in our household is paperwork. Papers, papers, everywhere! Mail, bills, sentimental items, children’s artwork, children’s schoolwork, etc. To solve our paper problem, I made the office our official dumping ground for all paperwork. This worked well for the rest of the house, but I would find… (read more)

Kon Mari Method: Master Closet Clean Out plus ThredUP

KonMari Decluttering Continues As you know, I have been going through all of my belongings, category by category, cleaning out and decluttering my home. My initial goal was to declutter the entire house in the months of January and February. I am beginning to wonder if I accounted for the reality that life must carry on simultaneously! Currently, I am STUCK… (read more)