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The Magic of Oil and Water

oil and water

We were having “one of those days” yesterday. Summer break is in full swing, and both kids were restless and cranky – stuck inside the house with another afternoon of thunderstorms. My kids are either the best of friends, or best explained like oil and water. When all else fails to stop my kids’ bickering, there… (read more)

Four Slime Recipes and Scaring Germs Away

Germs October is in full swing, and this means a couple of things to me… Halloween is coming up and it is the beginning of flu season! To tackle both of these subjects at once, I taught about slime and germs in preschool science this week. Germs on the Run I have a very fun and… (read more)

Growing Rainbow Fish Eggs: Water Bead Science

Rainbow Fish We started our science class by reading one of my favorite children’s books – Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister. Rainbow Fish is a story about the most beautiful, colorful, and sparkly fish in the ocean, named (yes, you guessed it…) “Rainbow Fish”. The other fish beg Rainbow Fish to give them one of its beautiful scales, but Rainbow… (read more)