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An Honest Review: Top Posts of 2017 – Plus the Biggest Losers

Most Popular Posts of 2017 I enjoyed looking back at 2017, crunching the numbers, and figuring out how to move forward with “Adventures in Wonderlab”. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to discover my top 5 posts of 2017 (with the exception of fluffy slime!) had nothing to do with science or… (read more)

Spring Organization: Storage Containers that Work (Part 2)

For Spring Organization (Part 1), I shared my favorite storage solutions for music/movies and for my “catch-all” craft closet. This week, I am sharing our storage solutions for seasonal decorations and TOYS! Laundry Room Bins: Seasonal Decorations I love having our house decorated seasonally, but I don’t love spending a lot of time or money to do so!… (read more)

Spring Organization: Storage Containers that Work (Part 1)

Storage Solutions Though I have faithfully followed the Kon Mari decluttering method, the one thing I have “cheated on” is the use of storage containers. I have already shared a couple of my favorite storage solutions, including my beauty supply bins, and my lazy susan spice rack. Although I have used and loved most of my… (read more)

Kon Mari Method: Master Closet Clean Out plus ThredUP

KonMari Decluttering Continues As you know, I have been going through all of my belongings, category by category, cleaning out and decluttering my home. My initial goal was to declutter the entire house in the months of January and February. I am beginning to wonder if I accounted for the reality that life must carry on simultaneously! Currently, I am STUCK… (read more)

KonMari Organizing Update plus Plumber’s Hero Saves the Day (Again!)

Organized closet before and after

Getting organized is one of my goals for 2017. I began using the KonMari method, from “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up”, by Marie Kondo, as a tool for decluttering and organizing. This organizing method uses a category-by-category system, as opposed to a room-by-room approach. Last week, I organized all of our clothes (and put the keepers… (read more)