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The Magic of Oil and Water

oil and water

We were having “one of those days” yesterday. Summer break is in full swing, and both kids were restless and cranky – stuck inside the house with another afternoon of thunderstorms. My kids are either the best of friends, or best explained like oil and water.¬†When all else fails to stop my kids’ bickering, there… (read more)

Fizzing Rainbows, Magical Milk and Colorful Bubble Snakes: Color Mixing Science

Color mixing is an all-time favorite activity for preschoolers. Simply mixing finger paints or watercolors can be very fun and educational. I have three exciting ways to explore mixing colors, but first, an excellent rainbow resource. Rainbows Rainbow, by Marion Dane Bauer, is a children’s book about rainbows and gives an age-appropriate¬†explanation of how a… (read more)