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Non-Candy Easter Basket Treats for Kids

I love filling up my kids’ Easter baskets with fun (and shhh… educational) toys! In our neck of the woods, Easter means it is finally warming up outside and we can get creative with outdoor toys. In this post, I have included some of my non-candy Easter favorites and some new-to-me treats. Sand Toys Unless we… (read more)

Fizzing Rainbows, Magical Milk and Colorful Bubble Snakes: Color Mixing Science

Color mixing is an all-time favorite activity for preschoolers. Simply mixing finger paints or watercolors can be very fun and educational. I have three exciting ways to explore mixing colors, but first, an excellent rainbow resource. Rainbows Rainbow, by Marion Dane Bauer, is a children’s book about rainbows and gives an age-appropriate explanation of how a… (read more)

Epsom Salt for Aching Muscles, a Bubble Update, and a Granola Bites Recipe

Aching Muscles He were go again! I had an 11-mile run this weekend. What’s up with all of this running (and aching muscles)? I am preparing for two races – a relay race where I will complete 3 legs totaling 13.5 miles, and a half-marathon race (13.1 miles). That, and this… Epsom Salts After this last run, I… (read more)

3 Homemade Bubble Recipes plus Bubble Activities that Will Impress your Kids

Bubble Party It was bubble party time at our house for Labor Day weekend! The kids and I made three different homemade bubble solutions, and blew lots of bubbles with the goal of finding a favorite homemade bubble solution. My online research determined the best dish soap for bubble-making is Dawn. Joy dish soap got an honorable mention, but… (read more)