3 Homemade Bubble Recipes plus Bubble Activities that Will Impress your Kids

Bubble Party

It was bubble party time at our house for Labor Day weekend! The kids and I made three different homemade bubble solutions, and blew lots of bubbles with the goal of finding a favorite homemade bubble solution. My online research determined the best dish soap for bubble-making is Dawn. Joy dish soap got an honorable mention, but Dawn was far and away the preferred brand. The three bubble solutions were as follows: glycerin bubbles, jello bubbles, and cornstarch bubbles. The recipes are incredibly easy, and the first two ingredients (1 cup warm water and 2 Tbs Dawn) are always the same.

Bubble Recipes

Homemade glycerin bubble recipe: 1 cup warm water, 2 Tbs Dawn, 1 Tb glycerin, 1 tsp sugar

Homemade jello bubble recipe: 1 cup warm water, 2 Tbs Dawn, 2 Tb jello

Homemade cornstarch bubble recipe: 1 cup warm water, 2 Tbs Dawn, 2 Tb cornstarch, 1/2 tsp baking soda

homemade bubble recipes

All mixed up!

Bubble Blowing

Next, it was time for the tough research – bubble blowing! We blew bubbles from each solution, one at a time. We started with the cornstarch solution because “it is the prettiest”. The cornstarch likes to settle to the bottom of the container, so continued mixing of the solution was necessary. We all had no problem blowing bubbles from this solution, but we did notice that the bubbles seemed to be “heavy” and fell rather quickly to the ground.

Cornstarch bubble: Notice the cloudy white circle of cornstarch solution collected at the bottom of the large bubble.


Next up was the jello bubble solution (we used strawberry/banana jello). We were all very anxious to see if the bubbles would be strawberry/banana-scented. Again, we were able to get nice bubbles from this solution, but no noticeable scent or red color. Both of my children, however, could not control themselves and caught a jello bubble on their tongue, remarking, “Delicious!”. I had to remind them of the ingredients (Dawn soap) in our bubble solution, and that they should NOT consume the bubbles! As a side note, has anyone heard of the “bacon bubbles” made specifically for dogs? Why do I have the feeling that my children (and perhaps husband?!) would also be big fans?

“Tasty” Jello bubble


Finally, we tried out the glycerin bubble solution. This solution made the most bubbles, and the longest floating bubbles (not immediately falling to the ground). The glycerin bubble solution is my personal favorite.

Winner! Winner! Glycerin bubble!


Indoor Bubble Activities

Bubble Pipes

After blowing lots of bubbles outside, we came in to do a couple of indoor bubble activities/experiments. First, we cut most of the bulb off of some plastic pipettes (I love these little plastic pipettes- they can be and will be used for many, many science experiments and are only about $0.06 each! I have the link to purchase them from Amazon at the bottom of this post), and made our own personal bubble pipes.

Useful plastic pipettes – just cut off the bulb to make a bubble pipe.

This can also be done with straws, but children are more likely to “suck in” with a straw rather than “blow out”. After our pipes were ready, we blew some pipe bubbles – put the large cut end of the pipette into bubble solution, and the small end in your mouth then gently blow a bubble.

Bubble pipe in action!


A Giant Bubble

We also poured our bubble solutions into plastic plates for some more bubbly experiments. Can you make a giant bubble?

To make a giant bubble, dip the large end of the pipette into the solution on your plate and blow slowly!
To make a giant bubble, dip the large end of the bubble pipe into the solution on your plate and blow slowly!


A Bubble Tower

To make a bubble tower, dip the large end of the pipette into solution, and fill the bottom of the plate with bubbles, then continue to use your bubble pipe to stack more bubbles on top.
To make a bubble tower, dip the large end of the bubble pipe into solution, and fill the bottom of the plate with bubbles. Then,use your bubble pipe to stack more bubbles on top.


A Square Bubble?!?

A square bubble - easier than I thought!
A square bubble – easier than I thought! Find a spot where four bubbles touch, and use your bubble pipe to add a bubble to the top.


A Triangle Bubble?

Similar to the square bubble, but this time add the top bubble in the middle of where 3 bubbles are touching.
Similar to the square bubble, but this time add the top bubble where three bubbles are touching.


The Bubble “Volcano”

And of course, for the grand finale, you must blow as many bubbles as possible with your bubble pipe into the cup of bubble solution and make a “bubble volcano”!


Bubble Solution Conclusion

We used all three types of bubble solution for our indoor bubble play, and found that they each worked equally well. For those with very small children, I have heard that you can substitute baby shampoo for Dawn dish soap for when the inevitable eye rubbing occurs.

We had a great time experimenting with bubbles, and we give a good review for all 3 bubble solutions for fun bubble play, but the glycerin bubble solution was the overall winner for best bubbles. I have read that the longer the bubble solution sits, the better the bubble-blowing experience. So, I have saved all three solutions and will try them out again in a day or two and see if we notice any changes in the bubbles!

Do you want to have some bubble fun with your kids? Can you make a square bubble?

Looking to join me on many more fun science adventures? I promise, these plastic pipettes will come in handy (click on the pipette picture below to purchase from Amazon)!

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Coming up Next Time…

Coming up on my next post, I tackle more sore muscle solutions as another long run came into my life!

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