Adventures in Wonderlab

Adventures in Wonderlab

Fun science adventures for all ages!

Homemade Floam 2 Ways

Ball of floam

  Have you heard of floam? Floam is a moldable substance filled with foam beads, making it a very unique sensory experience. I think of it as an alternative to Play Doh, since it can be squished, molded, and used to form any creation. Last week, we spotted polystyrene beads at Hobby Lobby (in their… (read more)

Homemade Fidget Spinners!

3 Fidget spinners

We were reluctant to join in on the fidget spinner craze. Neither of my children fidget, so why do we need these contraptions in our lives? Will my children suddenly become fidgety if they own a fidget spinner? That is not how it’s supposed to work, right?!? Eventually, after the kids’ school no longer allowed… (read more)

Fluffy Slime: The Best Slime Ever

Play with fluffy slime!

Looking for a less messy, yet extra fluffy slime in your life? I have just the recipe for you! We have made 4 batches of fluffy slime in the past couple of days. The limiting factor is the white glue, or we would have made even more! I am not exaggerating – my kids (ages… (read more)

Rock On! Find a Rock. Paint a Rock. Hide a Rock.

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Pet Rocks Reimagined When I was a child, I remember having my very own collection of pet rocks.  I was in the fourth grade, and my rock collection was stored in an egg carton at my school (I don’t remember why, exactly). I truly cared for my rocks, and when my elementary school burned down… (read more)

Free and Fun Summertime Boredom Buster

Scavenger Hunt Printable Looking for a fun, free outdoor activity with your kids? We recently went on a Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt, and both of my kids (ages 7 and 9) loved it! The Bird Feed NYC has this great “Nature Walk” printable scavenger hunt! They actually have 15 printable scavenger hunts, including beach, snow,… (read more)