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Top 10 STEM Gifts for Little Scientists (Sorted by Age!)

It’s that special time of year again! I always try to find educational and fun gifts for my children that will stand the test of time. We still play with all of our favorites from last yearand my son has even requested additional owl pellets and geodes to crack open – I guess you can never have too many?

This year, I have branched out and included more technology and engineering toys. Okay, on with my 10 favorite STEM gifts for 2017!

*Although all of these STEM toys are designed for use by children, adult supervision is needed for safety and to ensure that young scientists get the most out of their new toys!

STEM Toys: Ages 1-3+

Rain Cloud Tub Toy (1+)

I love a good bath toy to keep little ones happy while getting clean! Truthfully, I think my 8 and 9 year old kids would even enjoy this one. This sweet rain cloud bath toy has a touch of magic- fill it with water, let it rain, and then stop the flow with a touch of a finger to the top hole. A simple lesson in physics! Bonus: a hidden mechanism in the rain cloud tub toy allows parents to open it for easy cleaning.

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Magnetic Wooden Blocks (1+)

For the youngest engineer, I picked these magnetic wooden blocks. Although we still love our set of Magformers, these magnetic wooden blocks bring new life to a favorite classic. Defy gravity and push your kids’ imagination in new ways.

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Balancing Bears (2+)

What a cute way to build a balance between learning and play (pun intended!). Your child can stack up different combinations of rings onto the pegs on either side of the balance and compare their weights. This toy encourages experimentation and imaginative play.

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STEM Toys: Ages 4-5+

Talking Microscope (4+)

Introduce your child to science with a toy that has both photo-quality images and fact-filled audio featuring the voice of Bindi Irwin. Your child can learn up-close about the world of animals, plants, and everyday items. Your child will begin to look at the world in a whole new way! 

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Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Game (5+)

This gift is a great introduction to the world of programming. First, your child builds a mouse maze using the coding cards to create a path for the programmable robot mouse. After the maze is set, they can watch the mouse race to find the cheese! If your child loves mazes, this is the perfect gift!

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StikBot Studio (4+)

Your kids can learn all about stop motion animation with this fun and educational toy. They can create animated stories using their poseable StikBots. They will also learn to cut and edit the footage to create the sequence they want. This toy is on its way to our house for Christmas – I am looking forward to hours of imaginative play.

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STEM Toys: Ages 6-8+

Roller Coaster Challenge (6+)

With this single-player roller coaster challenge, your kids can create a roller coaster track that will carry their car for an exciting ride. Young engineers can attempt to solve 40 different roller coaster challenges. When their car successfully rides the track from start to finish – they win!

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Fossil Sorting Kit (6+)

This amazing fossil collection is also making its way to our home in time for Christmas! My son loves learning about/collecting rocks, dinosaurs, shark teeth, etc. This fossil kit has over 100 fossils, a full-color educational identification sheet, and ID cards to match each fossil. 

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Droid Inventor Kit (8+)

Is this the droid you are looking for? With the droid inventor kit, your child can create their own custom droid and bring it to life. They will solve problems, take their droid on missions, and even deliver secret messages! WOW!

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Nancy B. Chemistry Lab (8+)

Believe it or not, I did not like science until I was in high school. I am so glad that my kids already love science, and I think fun science activities at home really helps! That is why I picked this product as my last STEM toy to share. This chemistry lab set is part of the Nancy B’s Science Club line, designed to encourage scientific confidence. The experiments use common household ingredients, and include extinguishing a flame with invisible gas, making bubbling “lava” in a bottle, causing chemicals to change color, and much more.

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Wishing you all a very happy holiday season!

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