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Shopping Therapy at its Finest: T.J. Maxx, Target, and Amazon – Oh My!

I want you to know that I take my own advice very seriously. Last week, I mentioned how a bit of shopping therapy can really help brighten your mood. So today, I am revealing my past week of shopping therapy here for you all to see:

T.J. Maxx

Did you all read the Onion’s recent piece about on-line shopping at T.J. Maxx? The Onion describes what it would be like to shop at T.J. Maxx online, if the website was as scattered and disorganized as the actual store.

“For their overhaul of the website, company officials confirmed they had included thousands of new high-definition photos so users can zoom in on products such as fingerprint-smudged pint glasses; already-opened packets of decorative napkins; irregular garments with jagged, misaligned seams; and handbags with their straps hopelessly tangled in a hair-dryer cord…Longtime T.J. Maxx customers should feel right at home when they visit us online.”

Even though I have a lifelong love for T.J. Maxx, I got a good laugh out of the article. Very relatable!

This past week, I entered a T.J. Maxx with the sole intention of using the restroom (the kids were in an art class, and I was taking a walk while waiting to pick them up). However, on my way to the restroom, which happens to be in the very back of the store, I spotted these pumpkin-shaped marshmallows among the chaos on the shelves. I was drawn to them like a moth to a flame. My kids LOVE hot chocolate and marshmallows, and I love a good excuse for a fun treat. Then, once I was in the check-out lane which happens to be filled with hundreds of useless yet captivating items, I could not resist the inexplicable pull of the Peanuts-themed hot chocolate. I had to have something to put the marshmallows in, right?

Pumpkin marshmallows

FYI: These marshmallows are NOT pumpkin-spice flavored, only shaped like pumpkins


Did you know that Target is now offering their Dollar Spot online? It is called “Bullseye’s Playground”, and shipping is free with any $25 purchase. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of buying $1 items? Well, maybe you need 25 dollar-priced items… but, I digress…

Online shopping is big for me, since I do not get very much alone shopping time these days (you know, with homeschooling and all). I did force the children to come with me to Target this week – with the excuse that they needed some new fall clothing – and then proceeded to purchase these adorable velvet pumpkins from the Dollar Spot!

Velvet pumpkins

I did also purchase one pair of pants for my son before the kids’ complaints of hunger/thirst/boredom overwhelmed me. But the little velvet pumpkins were totally worth it!


Nerd alert

You’ve been warned – proceed with caution

When you are inching towards 40, and realize that life might not have turned out exactly the way you had thought it would, and that the chances of getting yourself back into a research lab anytime in the near future are slim to none… you go to Amazon and order yourself some petri dishes and a heating lamp to make your own incubator! My excitement over this is a bit more than I care to admit.

Petri dishes

We will use these petri dishes under the guise of “homeschool science”, but I am so excited to try some new experiments. We are entering into prime germ-season now, and I have some investigating to do!



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