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Non-Candy Easter Basket Treats for Kids

I love filling up my kids’ Easter baskets with fun (and shhh… educational) toys! In our neck of the woods, Easter means it is finally warming up outside and we can get creative with outdoor toys. In this post, I have included some of my non-candy Easter favorites and some new-to-me treats.

Easter Basket

Sand Toys

Unless we are lucky enough to be at a beach, our neighborhood park has a large sand area, and we have spent many hours playing in the sand there. Great sand toys can provide hours of entertainment (and some relaxing time for Mom to sit nearby and read a good book). Playing in the sand is not only fun, but uses imagination and promotes critical thinking skills.

Gardening Tools/ Veggie Garden

Got picky eaters? I know I have one VERY picky eater! However, she will try anything that comes from our garden- even the herbs! I was very surprised how eager and helpful children can be in the garden. Sure, sometimes it is fun to just dig holes and look for worms, but planting seeds, watering, and caring for plants can also be a wonderful learning experience. Planting a family garden (even if you just have room on a windowsill or patio) is very fun and rewarding.

Put them to work!


Chirping Eggs

Chirping eggs can add a bit of excitement to your Easter Egg Hunt – children can use their senses of sight and sound! Especially for the littlest hunters who might need a bit of help, these eggs can chirp or “talk” to help the egg-hunter. These eggs can also be reused for treasure hunts, and other search-and-find games.

And they’re off!


Parachute / Egg Drop

Test gravity with a cool parachute toy, or try the classic “egg drop” experiment.




Bubbles are one of those gifts that keep on giving. I have never met a child who does not like bubbles! And with easy-to-use bubble blowers/wands and trays, children can blow their own bubbles. All the parents of the world can sit back and relax – for a little while anyway! (Learn to make your own bubble solution – and even make square bubbles here)


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