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3 Little Mood Boosters: Finding Happiness when Life is Pulling you Down

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned – sometimes it’s not smooth or fun or even close to what you expected. Actually, this is most of the time, am I right? I understand how easy it is to let yourself get pulled down into despair and unhappiness. I refuse to do so! Especially since I am currently the homeschool teacher to two of the brightest lights in my world. They deserve a healthy and happy mom/teacher.

Some days it can be hard to find your happiness, so today I am sharing three mood-boosters that work for me.

Eat Yummy Things

But, eat good, healthy foods that will nourish your body. Junk food usually tastes magical for a moment, but within 30 minutes leaves me feeling like this guy:


My latest obsession: Trader Joes “Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend”. This is a little flavor booster that you can add to healthy foods to make them a bit more exciting.

Trader Joes

Just a dash adds a lot of yummy flavor. The options are endless! Have you tried this seasoning? What do you sprinkle it on?

Set a Goal

And work towards it. For me, it’s another half-marathon coming up in October. I chose Hal Higdon’s “Intermediate 1 Training Schedule” to follow along, and I always feel like a million bucks as I cross training runs off my list.

Hal Higdon

I don’t necessarily have the time/opportunity to complete all of the training runs in this schedule, but it has been a wonderful guide to help me stay focused and motivated.

Retail Therapy

Doing a little bit of fall-focused shopping/redecorating makes me happy. I purchased a cute little green and gold ceramic pumpkin, and some cinnamon spice scented candles, and my retail therapy is complete (for now)!

Fall candles

Whoop, whoop! Who’s with me?


Of course, there many other little things that make me happy, like: going outside, exercising, drinking coffee, listening to music, watching a great movie or reality tv or whatever floats your boat, spending time with your kids/friends/spouse/family, reading a book or magazine, crafting, organizing, baking, science experiments!!!, etc. I try to make time for at least one happy activity everyday.

I hope you all are doing well, and keeping your spirits high no matter what life throws your way!


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