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Sparkly Sea Foam Slime and a Dreamy Ocean in a Bottle

When you live nowhere near an ocean, sometimes you feel the need to create ocean-themed slime. And while you are at it, why not a beautiful ocean in a bottle, as well?!

Sparkly Sea Foam Slime

It is slime time! Our slime ingredients included: Elmer’s Clear glue, baking soda, saline solution, glitter (optional), pearls (optional), and food coloring (optional).

*The complete printable recipe is at the end of this post*

Since we wanted to make an ocean-themed slime, I included ocean-colored glitter, blue and green food coloring, and pearls for the kids to chose from while mixing together their slime.

Sea Slime Ingredients

My daughter chose to not color her slime (my son chose blue food coloring). In the picture below, my daughter is stirring together the glue, water, and glitter.

Stir in glitter

Next, we added pearls (plastic beads).

stir in pearls

Finally, after adding the saline solution and kneading the slime for a few minutes…

sea slime

She created this beautiful, sparkly slime that we decided to call, “sparkly sea foam slime”. It is fun to feel the crunchiness of the slime, thanks to the pearls. Every slime brings with it new sensory and textural experiences. Below is a picture of my son’s blue version of sea foam slime:

Blue sea slime

Here is our sea foam slime in action:

Ocean in a Bottle

Aside from the fun of creating our calming, dreamy ocean in a bottle, there were a few lessons along the way.

To make an ocean in a bottle, we added equal parts water and baby oil (any oil would work, I chose baby oil because it is colorless) to a old plastic bottle. Then, we added blue food coloring, and watched it sink through the oil layer to the bottom of the bottle, where it settled and mixed into the water layer. This part is very similar to our water and oil experiment, when we learned about density!

Next, we added large glitter – will it sink or float?

Ocean in a jar

As you can see, the glitter floated on top of the oil layer. Then, we added smaller glitter to see if size would make any difference.

Ocean in a jar

The small glitter also floated on top of the baby oil. Next up were some pearls (plastic craft beads)… would they sink or float?

Ocean in a jar

Interestingly, the pearl craft beads made a middle layer in between the oil and water, and even brought the glitter down with them. Finally, we added some seashells. Would they sink or float?

seashells in jar

The seashells made it all the way to the bottom of our ocean in a bottle, just as you would find them at the beach.

And now, for the real fun… Mix it up and swirl your ocean in a bottle all around.

Ocean in a jar

Our calming, dreamy ocean in a bottle in action:

Printable Sea Foam Slime Recipe:

Slime instructions

Click on the image to print!

Interested in other slime recipes? We have recently made fluffy slime, floam, and even snow slime!


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