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Spring Organization: Storage Containers that Work (Part 1)

Storage Solutions

Though I have faithfully followed the Kon Mari decluttering method, the one thing I have “cheated on” is the use of storage containers.

I have already shared a couple of my favorite storage solutions, including my beauty supply bins, and my lazy susan spice rack. Although I have used and loved most of my storage containers, I agree that some can be more trouble than they are worth. For example, if they take up too much room, if they make your items difficult to access, if they are an eye sore, etc.

Here are a few more of my favorite storage solutions that work for us.

DVD/CD/BluRay/VHS/Video Game Organization

One thing we have an abundance of at our house are movies, music, and video games. They were spread throughout the house, and even into the garage. The first step was to find all of it!

The basement collection


More from the garage, living room, etc.

I had a variety of storage containers for music and movies, but none of them were very user-friendly. They were heavy, and it was difficult to find the movie/music/video game you had in mind. After a quick search on Amazon, I found clear, zippered organizing totes with handles, and decided to give them a try.

DVD storage

DVD’s and BluRays

VHS (yes, we are old), DVD, cd’s, and video games. Oh, my!

To view or purchase on Amazon, click this picture.

Now, we can clearly see all of our collection, and they are light and easy to transport. They can also be stacked for storage. Overall, I am very pleased with this organizing solution. These storage totes are now stacked in our cabinet in the basement. Hidden away, but totally convenient when needed.

Catch-All Room

Our catch-all room is a very small, but important room in our basement. It contains craft supplies, my treadmill, hand weights and other fitness-related items, musical instruments, science supplies, and gift wrap. In theory, this room has all of my favorite things, and should bring me lots of joy. I love crafty things, I love teaching preschool science, and I love running (though on the treadmill, sometimes I do require a bit more motivation!).

Treadmill Room

However, THIS is what my special room looked like the week following Christmas…

Messy craft supplies

Messy, messy, messy

I thought this summed it up pretty well:

I craft therefore I hoard


I already had storage bins, I was just in too much of a hurry too lazy to use them properly. After a couple of bags of garbage and donation items were removed from my craft/science hoard, I was able to organize the closet. The left side of the closet contains all of my science materials, sorted by season – fall science, winter science, spring science, and summer science. The rest of the bins on the left side are sorted by craft supply type – ribbon, fabric, buttons, etc.

Craft room before and after

Before & After: Organize that hoard

On the right side of the closet, I keep all of my gift wrapping supplies, plus a few odds and ends. I even moved an old bookshelf into the closet to help make organizing easier (the left side of the closet already has built-in shelving).

wrapping paper storage

A bookshelf helps create a better organized closet

For the most part, I use fabric bins for my craft supplies, plastic bins for my science supplies (science can get messy!), and photo boxes for more delicate items.

Life-Changing Magic

One major reason I was so interested in decluttering my entire house using the Kon Mari method, was that “life-changing magic” part. I wanted the calm and motivated mindset that a tidy home can provide! And truly, I feel like I am making huge strides in that direction.

To view or purchase on Amazon, click on the picture.

One huge benefit of going through all of my stuff using the Kon Mari method, is that now I have a mental inventory of everything. I know what we have, and where to find it. There is no longer a need to spend hours searching for a specific toy, or book, or shirt, or shuffling through all my science supplies to find what I need to get ready for the week. For the most part, this is no longer an issue. Even though this has been a long process, I feel that it really has been worth it.

Coming up next… in Spring Organization: Part 2, I tackle storage solutions for toys and seasonal decorations.

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