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Spring Organization: Storage Containers that Work (Part 2)

For Spring Organization (Part 1), I shared my favorite storage solutions for music/movies and for my “catch-all” craft closet. This week, I am sharing our storage solutions for seasonal decorations and TOYS!

Laundry Room Bins: Seasonal Decorations

I love having our house decorated seasonally, but I don’t love spending a lot of time or money to do so! I usually only make a few simple switches to go from season to season (with the exception of Christmas, for which I have multiple bins of decorations in our garage!). For simple spring, summer, and fall switches, I have galvanized metal buckets stored above our cabinets in our laundry room. I only have to access each bin once a year.

Two bins on the right side of the laundry room

One more on the left side of the laundry room

Toy Storage

If you have children at home, you know the struggle! Toys can very quickly get out of hand. I try to keep most of the toys in my children’s bedrooms, but I also want them to have access to toys throughout the house. First up: storage in the children’s rooms.

Children’s Rooms: Under The Bed

In my son’s room, I have placed some fabric bins that he can fill with his toys, and easily scoot in and out from under his bed. Most of these toys are small and plastic – dinosaurs, action figures, animals, cars, etc.


Darth Vader protects the toys

toy storage

All tucked away

Children’s Rooms: Stuffed Animal Storage

My daughter has a serious love for stuffed animals. Most of them have names, and she plays with them often- they do not sit still in her room. So, I have come up with 3 different storage solutions for her huge stuffed animal family so that she can access them easily and clean them back up!

Small stuffed animals: Hanging Shoe Organizer

For her small stuffed animals, we hung a fabric shoe organizer on the back of the door to her bedroom.

Click on the image to view or purchase on Amazon.


I even got 2 stuffed animals in some of the pockets!

Medium stuffed animals: IKEA scarf holder

Click on the image to view or purchase on Amazon.

I purchased this IKEA scarf holder on Amazon for her medium-sized stuffed animals. I placed the scarf holder on the floor, and then filled it up with the stuffed animals.

Medium-sized stuffed animals fit nicely in this IKEA scarf organizer.

Then, I hung the scarf holder up in the left side of her closet. All of her hanging clothes fit on the right side.

Hanging out in the closet.

Now she can access stuffed animals and books in her closet, and we can shut the closet door to keep all of that visual clutter hidden (for my sanity).

Closet full of fun!

Large stuffed animals: Painted Utility Baskets

Moving on to large stuffed animals – we used laundry baskets that I spray painted with a bright accent color. This was a quick project that made a big difference.

1. Gather the large stuffed animals, 2. Paint laundry baskets, 3. Find a good spot in the room for the baskets, and 4. Place the large stuffed animals in the baskets.

Living Room Toy Solutions

Hyacinth Baskets

As my children have graduated from baby toys to big-kid toys, I have found a way to keep the toys in the main living area of the house and yet hidden from sight. I love these hyacinth baskets that have held up well over the years, even with rough treatment.

Use baskets to hide toys in the living room

Large Furniture with Drawers

This armoire previously held a tv, but now it holds a pirate ship and toys! It is very easy to open and access toys, and then close and hide toys.

More hidden toys


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