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Spring Decorations: It’s Easier Than You Think

Happy March, everyone! Spring is still officially about 3 weeks away, but that doesn’t bother me. Spring decorations have been in the works for the past week at my house. I do a couple of simple switch-ups from my winter decorations, and we are ready for spring!

Dish Towels in the Kitchen

These bunny dish towels make me happy every time I walk into my kitchen. $5 at T.J. Maxx and 30 seconds to put them up! Totally worth it.

Guest Bathroom Wreath and Hand towels

I traded out the wintry pinecone wreath/hand towels for a neutral burlap flower wreath and some springtime polka dot hand towels.

The “before” picture


The “after” picture.


Full disclosure: I used to sell wreaths on Etsy, and still have a couple of wreaths that I love and have held onto for myself! The Spring wreath with burlap flowers and Easter Bunny was just waiting in my garage for the right day.


I do love a side-by-side comparison!

Front Door Wreath and Planters

You might remember my winter front door cinnamon-scented pinecone decorations? It is time to transform the wintry pinecones into springtime flowers. That is, until it is warm enough outside to replace the pinecones with real flowers (in my planters).

The “before” picture

I picked out some happy spring spray paint colors, and covered up the winter pinecones from the planters.

Pretty colors on a sunny day

I did not dismantle my winter wreath, I just put it away in my garage until next year. As you can see above, I also refreshed and painted an old 18” grapevine wreath I had in a sunny yellow color. I had some extra pinecones that I painted for the new spring wreath.

The “after” picture


A close-up view

This wreath came together very easily. After I let the spray painted pinecones dry overnight, I used a glue gun to attach them to the left side of the wreath. I just fit them together like puzzle pieces, and tried to spread out the colors throughout the wreath. I then cut a length of burlap and green chevron fabric to create the band on the right side of the wreath. I attached them using a glue gun. Finally, I wrapped jute twine around and around forming two small bands to frame the chevron and burlap fabric.

I could not find ribbon I liked, so I cut some green chevron fabric to wrap around my planters and the right side of my wreath


Spring on the top vs. Winter on the bottom

Next time…

I hope you enjoyed my little springtime tour! More Kon Mari organizing is coming your way- this time dealing with all those papers and books!

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