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My 2018 Goals: More, more, more!

After looking back at my 2017 goals, I am ready to make some new goals for 2018. Running and decluttering are still two of my favorite things, but in 2018, I am hoping for more!

2018 Goals

More Water

Water is essential to life. After all, our bodies are composed of mostly water; roughly 60%. Drinking more water can lead to better skin, improved digestion, more energy… all good things. So, I decided to track my water intake, and see how much I regularly consume. After discovering I usually drink about 80 ounces per day, I set my goal at 100 oz. a day. Done.

More Steps

Last year, I had a goal of 10,000 steps per day. This number seemed arbitrary, and was given to me by my Fitbit, but I enjoyed having a goal and trying to reach it everyday. This year, I did a bit of reading on the subject, and found an interesting article by Time. They reported on two new studies suggesting 15,000 steps may be a better daily goal. In one of the studies, postal workers in the UK monitored how much they walk and sat for a week. Those who took 15,000 steps or more each day had almost no risk for cardiovascular disease. Wow! The other study looked at an isolated group who live in the Bolivian Amazon and have some of the healthiest hearts on Earth. They averaged 15,000-17,000 steps per day.

I decided to increase my goal from 10,000 to 12,000 steps. For me, 12,000 steps equals about 6 miles a day. Because it is much more difficult for me to get the steps in during the winter months without freezing my face off, I thought this would be a good start.

More Books

More reading is a fun goal. I find that the nights I read a book before bed, I sleep much better than those nights when I watch tv, or scroll through my phone. So far in January, I have read 3 books, and have enjoyed every minute of this goal!


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