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An Honest Review: Top Posts of 2017 – Plus the Biggest Losers

Most Popular Posts of 2017

I enjoyed looking back at 2017, crunching the numbers, and figuring out how to move forward with “Adventures in Wonderlab”. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to discover my top 5 posts of 2017 (with the exception of fluffy slime!) had nothing to do with science or kids, but instead my personal goals and my Kon Mari organizing experience. Perhaps I should shift my focus in 2018?

Here is a quick review of my most popular posts:

2017 Goals

I had two goals for 2017, and had two books to help me get there. The first goal was to continue running throughout the winter with the help of the “The Ultimate Treadmill Workout”. This is a fantastic resource – I have completed this 6-week challenge 3 or 4 times, and am currently doing it again. In this challenge, your running pace is adjusted to your current fitness level, so I have increased and decreased my pace accordingly. Highly recommend this book!

Click on this image to view on Amazon. 

My second goal was to get organized with the help of Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. This was very successful in many areas of my home… yet, I am still struggling with some areas (mostly kid rooms, garage/storage/closets, and the “sentimental items”).

Click on this image to view on Amazon.  

Kon Mari Method in the Kitchen

After using the Kon Mari method in my kitchen, the kitchen cabinets have remained in good working order all year. This was a very successful organizing effort. Every time I make a meal, I am thankful I took the time to do this in early 2017!

Kon Mari Method in the Bathroom

Organizing the bathroom closet was also a hugely successful day of Kon Mari style decluttering in 2017. The closet remains neatly organized, though I did complete another quick clean out the first week of 2018 – but not nearly as intense as the one in 2017!

Organized closet before and after


Kon Mari Method in the Master Closet and ThredUp

The Master closet is a space I still struggle to keep organized. During the first week of 2018, I repeated the Kon Mari organizing method in our Master closet. The good news is that I have a bag ready to go to charity, and one bag for ThredUp (still love ThredUp!). The bad news is that the closet still seems over-crowded… it does not bring me joy when I see it! So, I have decided to paint my closet white to make it less dreary (it is currently a hideous beigy-greenish color), and possibly appear bigger and cleaner.


Fluffy Slime

Fluffy slime was easily the most successful science-based kid activity I posted last year. My kids still love to play with fluffy slime, and we continue to make it – the limiting factor is always the glue!

Play with fluffy slime!

fluffy slime recipe


The Least Popular Posts of 2017

The bottom 5 posts of 2017- my “biggest losers” – were all science-based activities and/or activities to do with your children.

  1. Sand volcanoes and Frozen treasure chests
  2. Summer boredom busters
  3. Special snowflakes: Indoor snow and ice activities
  4. STEAM Valentine
  5. Mom and Me books

Though I enjoyed these activities with my own children, they were not as fun as they should have been because I was trying to get pictures and/or take videos rather than just enjoying the experience with my kids. Because of this and their low popularity, I am considering changing the direction of the blog to focus less on science-based/children’s activities, and more on my other interests.

What do you think? Any thoughts are welcome in the comments section!

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