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Rock On! Find a Rock. Paint a Rock. Hide a Rock.

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Pet Rocks Reimagined When I was a child, I remember having my very own collection of pet rocks.  I was in the fourth grade, and my rock collection was stored in an egg carton at my school (I don’t remember why, exactly). I truly cared for my rocks, and when my elementary school burned down… (read more)

Free and Fun Summertime Boredom Buster

Scavenger Hunt Printable Looking for a fun, free outdoor activity with your kids? We recently went on a Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt, and both of my kids (ages 7 and 9) loved it! The Bird Feed NYC has this great “Nature Walk” printable scavenger hunt! They actually have 15 printable scavenger hunts, including beach, snow,… (read more)

Summer Strawberries plus a Delicious Strawberry-Chia Jam

strawberry-chia jam

For detailed information about growing strawberries, Mother Earth News has a great article all about strawberries. Planting and Growing Strawberries Two years ago, we purchased 3 strawberry plants from Lowe’s. We cleared out a patch of grass in the sunniest area of our yard, and put a small wood border around the patch. Then, we added… (read more)

How to Get Rid of Ants Without Using Nasty Chemicals

non-toxic ant spray

All the Little Ants are Marching The weather has warmed up outside, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the teeny-tiny ants are making their way into my kitchen! We don’t necessarily have an “ant problem”, but we do have an occasional ant visit our home. We have children and a cat, so I have no… (read more)

3 Spring Cleaning Pinterest Hacks: Tested and Approved (Part 2)

Silver flutes before and after

Now that my glass-top stove, grout, and washing machine are clean, it is time to move on to other spring cleaning projects. This week, l tested out Pinterest cleaning hacks for the oven, stainless steel appliances, and silver. Oven An accidental spilling-over of a homemade pizza was the last straw for our oven. Aside from… (read more)