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KonMari in the Kitchen: Spice Cabinet Clean Out, plus a Cincinnati-Style Chili

cincinnati chili

KonMari in the Kitchen: Spice Cabinet Clean Out My KonMari decluttering has now moved into the kitchen! (Master closet and beauty products have already been KonMari’d). I remember when we first moved into our house, marveling at the entire cabinet with a built-in lazy susan just for spices! Both my husband and I cook a lot, and… (read more)

Run Faster! How I Shaved 30 Seconds Off my Mile Pace

I completed my first 2017 goal – I continued running through the winter by completing a 6-week treadmill challenge! And, the challenge resulted in a bonus – a faster mile pace. Before the 6-week challenge, I timed my fastest mile on the treadmill at 8:34. After the treadmill challenge, my mile pace was slashed to 8:04. Thirty… (read more)

You are a Special Snowflake: Indoor Snow & Ice Activities

You are a Special Snowflake This is the time of year for winter science with the preschoolers, which includes snow science, snow slime, arctic animals, hibernation, ice science, brrr… you get the idea. Since the weather is sometimes too severe to go outside and explore (or in the case of this winter – warm and… (read more)

Kon Mari Method: Master Closet Clean Out plus ThredUP

KonMari Decluttering Continues As you know, I have been going through all of my belongings, category by category, cleaning out and decluttering my home. My initial goal was to declutter the entire house in the months of January and February. I am beginning to wonder if I accounted for the reality that life must carry on simultaneously! Currently, I am STUCK… (read more)