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Adventures in Wonderlab

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How to Add More Protein into Your Day Without Meat

I struggle to get enough protein into my diet. I have worked very hard to build up some muscle on my body, and I want to keep it there! With the exception of dinner, I generally do not eat a lot of meat. However, my husband is a full-fledged carnivore, so we do usually eat some type of… (read more)

Blooming Marshmallows and Hot Cocoa

In the wintertime, I try to find little things to lift my spirits. I do not like being cold, or grey skies, or shoveling snow. To keep me from being a total grump, I try to focus on the fun things that winter can bring. Watching my children gleefully play in the snow. Enjoying sipping on… (read more)

Getting Crafty with Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones: Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

**Update: See how I transformed these wintery pinecones into springtime flowers!** Cinnamon Pinecones One of my favorite things arrives in stores this time of year – cinnamon scented pinecones! Every year, I put them in large planters on my front porch (which contain flowers during spring, summer, and early fall). I love that guests smell the… (read more)

Fall Science Wrap Up: Leaves, Cranberries, and Corn

Leaves, Beautiful Leaves I only have to look in my backyard to find beautiful fall leaves. I love our trees. When we moved to Ohio from California, we were looking for a little bit of land and privacy. Our home in CA was lovely, but our yard was so tiny, it could be mowed in less… (read more)