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Thanksgiving Left-Overs: 2 Potato Recipes, Plus Homemade Butter

Left-Overs There is nothing better than turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving, am I right? But what about some of the side dishes? I have two yummy left-over potato recipes to share, plus a fun science “experiment” making fresh butter at home to spread over those left-over rolls (or anything else- no judging here!). Sweet… (read more)

The Best 5 Magical Gifts: Give the Gift of Magic!

Science is Magic, and Magic is Science **Although all of these magic toys are designed for use by children, adult supervision is needed for safety and to ensure that young scientists get the most out of their new toys!** Magic Pens (ages 3+) Magic Pens are a lot of fun! You can write a secret message in white… (read more)

Eat a Rainbow: Healthy Foods for Thanksgiving and Beyond

With Thanksgiving Day quickly approaching, we are learning about eating all the colors of the rainbow in preschool science this week. Have you ever heard the saying, “Eat a Rainbow”? It is a simple mantra, but of course, the rainbow colors need to come from NATURAL foods – namely fruits and vegetables! Fruits and vegetables get their… (read more)

My Top 10 Super Science Stocking Stuffers and 5 Big Gifts, too!

**UPDATE: to see how we are enjoying some of these science toys in the New Year, click here** Do you have a budding scientist at home? I have a couple at my house, and I love to find fun and “secretly educational” toys and activities for Christmas gifts! Most of the items I have listed on… (read more)

Shark Week Science: Shark Experiments Plus a Sharknado Fail

I decided to celebrate shark week in November, since I do not teach science during the summer months. And don’t worry, no sharks were harmed in the making of these experiments. I found nearly all my shark information from this fantastic website. If you are curious about sharks, I highly recommend this site! Shark Skin Though… (read more)