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Halloween Science: 6 Awesome Experiments

I picked the 6 best Halloween science experiments and demonstrations to get your little scientists in the Halloween spirit! Witch Science First up is witch science! Everyone knows that witches wear big hats, ride brooms, and have cackling laughter. But, before you can ride a broom, you must learn how to balance it on one finger…… (read more)

Skeleton Science: X-Ray Matching and Dinosaur Fossils

Mr. Jones’ Bones The week leading up to Halloween is the perfect time to bring out Mr. Jones’ Bones, and talk about skeletons, bones, and fossils! Mr. Jones is totally worth the dollar I spent for him at the Dollar Store! Can you believe we all have skeletons under our skin? Kind of creepy… X-Ray… (read more)

My Most Effective Tips and Tools for Endurance Running with a Sensitive Stomach

My First 13.1 – NEVER AGAIN! My first half-marathon (13.1 miles) was in 2011 – two years after my second (and last!) child was born. I think my motivation was solely to prove to myself that I could do it! I followed Hal Higdon’s training plan for a “novice” runner. At the time, I had… (read more)

Fizzing Rainbows, Magical Milk and Colorful Bubble Snakes: Color Mixing Science

Color mixing is an all-time favorite activity for preschoolers. Simply mixing finger paints or watercolors can be very fun and educational. I have three exciting ways to explore mixing colors, but first, an excellent rainbow resource. Rainbows Rainbow, by Marion Dane Bauer, is a children’s book about rainbows and gives an age-appropriate explanation of how a… (read more)

Four Slime Recipes and Scaring Germs Away

Germs October is in full swing, and this means a couple of things to me… Halloween is coming up and it is the beginning of flu season! To tackle both of these subjects at once, I taught about slime and germs in preschool science this week. Germs on the Run I have a very fun and… (read more)