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Who Gives a Little Boy a White Shirt?

A Boy and a White Shirt Who gives a 6-yr old boy a white shirt and expects it to stay white? Apparently, I do! When my son’s school announced that the students could only wear three colors of polo shirts – red, black, and white – I thought I would get him one of each color,… (read more)

Growing Rainbow Fish Eggs: Water Bead Science

Rainbow Fish We started our science class by reading one of my favorite children’s books – Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister. Rainbow Fish is a story about the most beautiful, colorful, and sparkly fish in the ocean, named (yes, you guessed it…) “Rainbow Fish”. The other fish beg Rainbow Fish to give them one of its beautiful scales, but Rainbow… (read more)

A Shoe Tying Hack, Awesome Activities for Spy School, and a Ripe Banana Recipe

Shoe Tying This might be old news to a lot of people, but this shoe tying tutorial has proven successful for my son! He has been working on tying his shoes for about a year. He is very good at tying knots, but had not made much more progress beyond that. In addition to tutoring… (read more)

Protein Packed Yogurt Fruit Dip You Need To Make This Weekend (And Digging Dinos!)

YOGURT FRUIT DIP It is easy enough to come up with an unhealthy snack to eat – chips, chocolates, cookies, candies, etc. But I found a recipe for a yummy and healthy treat. Whether you are watching football, relaxing with friends, or even just hanging out at home, I have the perfect snack for you to enjoy this weekend…. (read more)

Epsom Salt for Aching Muscles, a Bubble Update, and a Granola Bites Recipe

Aching Muscles He were go again! I had an 11-mile run this weekend. What’s up with all of this running (and aching muscles)? I am preparing for two races – a relay race where I will complete 3 legs totaling 13.5 miles, and a half-marathon race (13.1 miles). That, and this… Epsom Salts After this last run, I… (read more)